Short Bio

I have been working with website design and development since 1996 and visual design since 2008. I’m located in Portugal and I offer services nationally and internationally, fully remote but keen to network with local or international English spoken talent. I love simple design approaches, usability, and good typography. I value the way design and photography improve communication, change perceptions, and trigger emotions.


Website design, organizing content within the web pages and across the website, ensuring that all content is readable and understandable, and website development, using the best tools for each situation.

User interface and experience design, engaging site visitors and allowing them a good experience that stems from a well-designed and functional visual interface designed based on their user behavior knowledge.

Digital marketing, using social media strategy and search engine optimization to highlight the website.

Visual design, creating concepts and layouts for digital projects within brand guidelines that reinforce a brand's style, combining marketing and graphic design to produce visual materials that represent a company, organization, product, or service


BeOn Studio

In 2020 I founded BeOn, a website design studio that follows an agile and user-centered approach that adapts to users' needs and customer expectations, and where I can collaborate in a structured way with partners specialized in Copywriting, SEO, Programming, among others.


Through the Online Volunteering service, United Nations Volunteers offers a global platform for organizations and online volunteers to connect. I'm an online volunteer since 2018 and I have supported several organizations, all over the world, through UNV online program, using my technical skills to support those organizations to address sustainable development challenges. I have also volunteered at other organizations in my own country in early 2000, for which I have developed websites and graphic material.